Maverick AV Solutions partner to deliver HP Elite Slice in Europe.

HP elite slice

Maverick AV Solutions has partnered with HP and Logitech to deliver HP Elite Slice as part of its collaboration portfolio.

HP Elite Slice desktop device provides video meetings in rooms of any size. Its design allows the device to sit on any desktop, supports multiple monitors via HDMI and digital DisplayPort and incorporates a PC.

The new solutions configured and validated by HP and Logitech, provide all-in-one systems designed for optimal performance and compatibility, as plug in and play devices for ease of use.

The Huddle Room Kit, with Logitech BRIO Webcam and K400 Professional Touch Keyboard, offers capabilities for meeting rooms of up to 6 people, while the Conference Kit supports up to 15, using HP’s Collaboration PC alongside Logitech’s Group.

Each solution is scalable and flexible, delivering video meeting systems which respond to a variety of challenges and customer needs. The Kits include the customisable Quicklaunch SE software.