Logitech to provide full carbon impact labelling on products

Logitech to provide full carbon impact labelling on products
Logitech is to publish the carbon impact of all its products on packaging and the company website. It expects the first carbon impact labeling to appear on its gaming products later this year, followed by a rollout across the full portfolio.

Logitech claims it will be the first consumer electronics company to provide detailed carbon impact labeling on product packaging across the entire portfolio.

“We recognize the scale of the environmental challenges facing our planet today,” said Bracken Darrell, president and CEO of Logitech. “We are doubling down on our efforts to reduce our environmental impact, yet we can’t do it alone. By communicating the carbon impact of our products, we are empowering and collaborating with our consumers to better the world. Carbon is the new calorie - we need to know what we’re consuming. We also invite other companies to join Logitech in driving positive change by providing full transparency on their products. It will take an industry-wide effort to truly make a difference.”

Carbon transparency further extends Logitech’s commitment to sustainability across its products, packaging, and operations. In 2019, the company neutralised the carbon in its gaming product portfolio, announced its support of the Paris Agreement, pledging to limit its carbon footprint to support the ambitious 1.5oC goal and committed that the Company will be powered exclusively by renewable electricity by 2030.

“Increasingly we are seeing consumers looking for clear, transparent and credible statements of climate action by businesses,” said Rebecca Fay, chief marketing officer at Natural Capital Partners.

“Creating transparency for the carbon footprints of a company's products is an important step towards reducing greenhouse gases and thus in the fight against climate change,” said Martina Prox, sustainability strategy, iPoint Group.

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