LG and Samsung see through OLED

LG and Samsung see through OLED
LG Display and Samsung Mobile Display demonstrated transparent OLED products at a Japanese electronics show last week. FPD International 2009, held October 28 to 30 in Yokohama City, saw LG unveil a 15” screen, probably the largest transparent OLED to date. Samsung revealed a two inch model, which joins its 4.3” version that was demonstrated at CES in January 2009. Video content of this display is included in the article.

Tech-On, the technology news portal run by Nikkei Business Publications, said both companies’ displays used organic EL materials and claimed that the LG Display had a light transmittance level of 30 per cent. The LG screen was said to have a resolution of 176 x 220p.

Although transparent displays aren’t particularly new, the products demonstrated by LG and Samsung in Japan indicate technologies that are becoming viable marketable solutions. The LG display is tipped for use in outdoor applications and is a particularly exciting development for the signage industry.

Samsung's 4.3" transparent display demonstrated at CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year

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