ISE to host live demos in content production technology zone

ISE to host live demos in content production technology zone
ISE will partner with the CCMA, Grup Mediapro, invidis, Absen and more to showcase new technologies in the content production technology zone at the show.

In a dedicated shift to embrace content production and distribution as part of the pro AV and systems integration exhibition, the show will play host to a new content production and distribution summit, as well as a keynote focused on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine platform.

More than 70 dedicated exhibitors in the field of content production will be present at the show, with ISE creating a dedicated show floor experience in Hall 6 to showcase the latest content production systems. This content production and distribution zone will feature an array of varied exhibits from a select group of organisations in content production and distribution.

Mike Backman, managing director, Integrated Systems Events, commented: “As our industry continues to evolve, so does ISE. We recognize the exciting innovations impacting our markets and we are delighted to welcome a host of new initiatives showcasing Content Production and Distribution. We are grateful for the support of the organisations creating these show-stopping features and I can’t wait to see them in action.”

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