HaiVision and Video Furnace merge

HaiVision and Video Furnace merge
HaiVision Systems, vendor of H.264 encoders and codec systems, has joined forces with Video Furnace to become HaiVision Network Video.

Video Furnace specialises in IP video delivery software options and as part of the newly formed organisation will offer an end-to-end high definition H.624 IPTV platform for education, corporate, medical and military video-over-IP distribution systems.

“Our integration partners and customers are very excited about having a single-vendor solution in this fragmented market space,” said Mirko Wicha, president and CEO of HaiVision Network Video.

HaiVision’s H.264 encoder hardware incorporates the company’s MAKO-HD codec to deliver 1080p HD over IP networks with 70 miliseconds of end-to-end latency. Both HaiVision and Video Furnace say they are committed to advancing the IP video industry while promoting the universal adoption of H.264 as the standard.

Joe Gaucher, Video Furnace founder and HaiVision’s new CTO said the combined companies would “pave the way for the future of IP video delivery”.

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