Genelec loudspeakers empower shopping experience at K-Supermarket Hertta

Genelec loudspeakers empower shopping experience at K-Supermarket Hertta
The K-Supermarket Hertta in Helsinki, Finalnd, required a top end audio system to enhance its in-store experience, turning to Sevende Aromas to design a sound system using Genelec loudspeakers.

Sevende Aromas specified the Genelec 4000 series installation loudspeakers to create a relaxed and immersive sound space for the newly renovated fresh fruit and vegetable section and a stereophonic sound for the candy department. 

Aki Päivärinne, sound designer, Sevende Aromas, explains: “This was an inspiring task since I had also created the previous monophonic sound design for the store, including the beer and beverages department,” he says.

“In my work I use a variety of computer programs, including electro-acoustic modelling software. In this instance, as the speaker setup in the fruit & veg department is not symmetrical, I created a model of the space within the software to calculate the delay times required for realistic 3D sound images.”

The setup uses 12 Genelec 4030 loudspeakers, evenly spaced above the refrigerator elements or suspended from the ceiling. 

Eight compact 4020s are installed in the drinks section, with an additional four deployed to cover the candy section. The setup is complemented by eight strategically placed fragrance machines to deliver a scent experience. 

Control provided by a QSC Q-SYS Core 110f processor, with a touch screen interface for managing level control across the various zones.