Electrosonic extends lamp service across Europe

Electrosonic extends lamp service across Europe
Electrosonic has extended its projector lamp service throughout Europe, enabling customers across to the continent to buy lamps from ElectrosonicLamps.com.

OEM lamps featured on the website can be bought in US dollars, euros, British Pound Sterling and the Swedish Krona.

Volume buyers can achieve special account status, which is reflected in the pricing that they see online. Discounts are also available for education, government, entertainment and corporate buyers who join Electrosonic’s buying group for their sector.

Electrosonic’s lamp sales and technical support team is based out of London, UK, Stockholm, Sweden, and Minneapolis, USA.

The company’s lamp customers can ship their used lamps to Electrosonic for free lamp recycling and disposal. Lamps containing hazardous waste are recycled through a certified waste management company.

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