Confidea still available as Sennheiser stops WiCOS

Confidea still available as Sennheiser stops WiCOS
Following an announcement to Sennheiser partners this week that its WiCOS product is being discontinued, Televic has moved to assure clients that the Confidea range is still available.

The Sennheiser WiCOS product is an OEM version of Televic’s Confidea multi-band wireless conference solution. The statement from Sennheiser read:

We regret to inform you that the Sennheiser's WiCOS wireless conference system has been discontinued, effective immediately. 

These unexpected discontinuations are the result of unforeseen supplier issues. We are disappointed that we could not provide you with more advance notice, and understand that these changes may negatively impact existing projects. To help ease dissatisfaction that may be expressed by your customers, we have created an official announcement that you can forward on to anyone affected by this discontinuation.

Neither Sennheiser nor Televic was prepared to go on the record relating to the reasons behind the decision. However, it would appear that Sennheiser has moved from being a Televic customer to competing in certain areas of the congress space. Televic has therefore taken the decision not to renew the supply contract.

Televic’s release which responded to the above statement was at pains to reassure users of Confidea that there was no cause for concern.

“As the manufacturer and having developed Confidea we can confirm that we have ample supply of key components. Confidea Wireless is one of our flagship products and given its success we have no reason to discontinue this product in the foreseeable future.” says Bart Deschodt, General Manager of Televic Conference.

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