Blowfish upgrades AV with Powersoft and Martin Audio

Blowfish upgrades AV with Powersoft and Martin Audio
An established club and bar in Jakarta, Blowfish recently upgraded its AV systems to improve the ambience. Ismaya Group, owners of the venue, took the decision to completely overhaul the ten year old equipment at Blowfish.

PT Citra Initirama, distributors for Powersoft who had worked on other Ismaya Group venues, was called in to handle the project. PT Citra Intirama in turn appointed PT Rhema Multi Perkasa for third party consulting.

Under the project coordination of Dax M. Wenas, Powersoft control was specified to optimize the enhanced Martin Audio speaker system throughout the club’s five distinct zones as well as the adjacent Puro Italian restaurant and club overspill area.

PT Rhema Multi Perkasa provided consultancy, acoustic design, installation, commissioning and training / after sales support. In addition, Vincent Lee of Vertical Acoustics was introduced to the project in order to advise on sound proofing and design bass traps and diffusers/absorbers to achieve the ideal acoustic conditions.

In terms of deployment two Martin Audio Blackline F15+, six Blackline S218+, four AQ215 subs and four WSX subs were installed to provide sound. This equipment is spread across designated areas such as Lounge, VIP 1 & 2, main dancefloor area and bar.

VIP1 was equipped with AQ215s and S218s along with existing H3H ceiling mounted enclosures. VIP2 was equipped with AQ215 and a number of H3H units with AQ12 providing sidefill. System management is handled via Martin Audio’s dedicated DX2 processors. The lounge was equipped with four corner mounted F15+ alongside three S218+ subs.

Lastly, the main dancefloor at Blowfish was fitted with four WSX bass horns in the DJ podium. Due to the proximity of the other subs used, the installer had to reverse the phase on some of the sub units to ensure that the correct polarity was achieved and all units would work in terms of summation.

The adjacent Puro Italian restaurant, which can double as an overspill also had Martin Audio sound reinforcement. Four further Blackline F15+ in two pairs serve as a main FOH system along with two S+218+ subs and several F12+ infills at the back and sides. These were supplemented by AQ215s at the rear, to provide further low-end extension to the full range.

Powersoft Duecanali 5204 2-channel amplifiers were assigned to two single 18in subs. Seven Duecanali 3904 units drive a further seven 2 x 18in subs. Powersoft M50Q’s were assigned to a further seven full range speakers, dispersed throughout the club and powerful K3 amps are designated to six further higher potency full range speakers. In the Puro restaurant next door further Duecanali 5204, 3904 and M50Q units can be found.

Specific challenges which had to be overcome during the project were variations in ceiling height and floor levels, as well as the existence of corners and pillars.

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