Biamp demonstrates Vocia system in Singapore

Biamp demonstrates Vocia system in Singapore
Biamp held an event in Singapore to demonstrate the Vocia paging system to integrators and consultants. The main focus of the event was to highlight the decentralised nature of the solution as well as live demonstrations of the product.

Traditional PA systems come with central processors, matrix switchers and end-points all connected via cabling. The Vocia is able to provide a decentralised structure with the help of cloud services. The advantges of such a setup include protection against total system failure as well as remote operations.

The demonstrations included a Vocia and Tesire setup along with an AMX control system and touchpanel. Features of Vocia such as ambient noise compensation, life safety functions and priority queuing for pages were showcased. Biamp also highlighted how the Vocia can replace usual VoIP and conferencing systems in corporate environments.

The event was closed by discussion regarding case studies where the Vocia system has been deployed. One such case study, the Canberra airport, has been covered by InAVate APAC and you can read the article here.

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