Avnu releases best practices paper, co-hosts conference

Avnu releases best practices paper, co-hosts conference
The Avnu Alliance, promoter and certifier of AVB/TSN standards has published a best practices document that looks at industrial use cases that can also apply to the AV market.

In the paper called “Theory of Operation for Time Sensitive Networks (TSN) – enabled Industrial Systems" the alliance offers a system architecture and requirements for an industrial model that enables multiple industry groups, vendors and protocols to share a TSN-based network. The document introduces the fundamental mechanisms needed for a system architecture to build on, including: time synchronization, quality of service mechanisms to support deterministic high-speed control traffic and network configuration informed by software defined networking concepts.

It includes system modelling and sample architecture that can be applied to ensure products coexist in a shared TSN-based network.

The Avnu Alliance is also co-hosting the 2017 Time Sensitive Networks and Applications (TSN/A) Conference with Weka Fachmedien on September 20 to 21 at the Mövenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport in Germany.

The TSN/A Conference is a combination of the “TSNA Conference” and the “Industrial Ethernet TSN Kongress” and offers attendees insights into Time-Sensitive Networks and usage in applications for automotive, industrial, professional AV and others. The conference spans two days of technical sessions, panel discussions, vendor demonstrations, and participant networking and Biamp will present at the event.