Audiopole becomes Fohhn distributor in France

Audiopole becomes Fohhn distributor in France
German manufacturer of professional audio systems Fohhn has made Audiopole (CSI Audiovisuel) its exclusive distributor in France.

From left to right: Jochen Schwarz (Chairman Fohhn), Arnaud Leschemelle (Président CSI), Uli Haug (Director Marketing/Sales Fohhn), Daniel Borreau (CSI), Samuel Hartmann (Export/Sales Fohhn)


Fohhn Audio AG has been developing and producing professional audio systems for the world market in Germany since 1993.

Audiopole (CSI Audiovisuel) will distribute the brand Fohhn in France from now on. The previous contact Daniel Borreau with Rockaudio Distribution joins the CSI Audiovisuel team to continue to support French customers with his expertise and experience with the Fohhn portfolio.

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