Aopen announces 3Logic as new distributor for Russia


3Logic has been announced as the first distributor to sell commercial Chrome devices in the territory.

The agreement was announced on 1 March 2019, with a variety of Aopen products now available from 3Logic, as Rufina Garina, 3Logic marketing manager explained: “At the end of March Aopen products, such as mini PCs, players and other interesting products will appear in 3logic warehouses. It will help to spread and have a versatile product portfolio for our company.’’  

Aopen offers three main product lines: the Elite all-in-one touch displays, available in 15-in, 19-in and 22-in versions, Aopen’s computing platform Digital Engines, available in value, mid and high range options as well as commercial Chrome devices in enterprise and commercial grade Chromeboxes for 10-in and 22-in Chromebase displays.