Adam Hall Cameo spotlights illuminate theme park special event

Adam Hall Cameo spotlights illuminate theme park special event
Integrator Profox were called upon to supply more than 200 Cameo spotlights for a special illumination event at the Fårup Sommerland theme park in Denmark.

The installation covers an area equivalent to 55 football fields, with Profox only able to use spotlights that can be controlled from a central point via W-DMX. 

120 ZENIT W300 and 24 ZENIT W600 outdoor LED wash lights were installed, alongside 72 DROP B4 outdoor uplights and eight Q-SPOT 401 outdoor spotlights. 

The DROP B4 uplights were distributed over several kilometres along pavements and the site’s access road, with Q-SPOT 4Oi spotlights used to illuminate objects from afar. 

ZENIT W300s were used to illuminate the larger rides and trees, with ZENIT W600S installed to provide the option for illumination of the surrounding forest areas. The Profox team were able to place the spots discreetly in a wide variety of locations. 

Simon Aagaard, managing director, Profox, explained: “For us, the workmanship is a key factor. All of the models are extremely durable and offer an impressively high level of light quality – and all this at a price that no competitor can match.”

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