3LCD shines a light

3LCD shines a light
Following last year’s announcement by Texas Instruments of its DLP Brilliant Color technology, the 3LCD camp hit back this year by introducing a new colour performance metric.

The organisation was telling anyone who would listen at InfoComm that its Color Light Output measurement is a better performance metric than the existing ANSI Lumens statistics quoted by manufacturers.

The group argues that the quality and impact of the colour produced by a projector is now much more important than the simple white light output (brightness) that the Lumens measurement delivers.

3LCD also says it has the backing of several leading manufacturers for the metric, but at the show, these were limited to those using only 3LCD technology. None of those who manufacture both DLP and 3LCD units have yet subscribed to it.

The Color Light Ouput metric was first proposed in a white paper in November 2007 by Karl Lang of Lumita Laboratories, at the Color Imaging Conference in Albuquerque, before being shown to the public at CES in Las Vegas in January.

The metric certainly does show 3LCD products in a good light, but it’s hard to see how the technology can become the standard it wants to without the backing of all the manufacturers.

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