2017 InAVation Awards technology category finalists announced

2017 InAVation Awards technology category finalists announced
The finalists for the Technology categories for the 2017 InAVation Awards have been announced. The 2017 Technology categories have changed to reflect a solutions focused approach that highlights important sectors for the industry and key areas for recent product innovation.

Voting for the awards opens Monday 21 November, and you can vote on the InAVation Awards website

The awards are voted for by the global proAV industry, and voting for each category is weighted towards the occupation of the voter.

The finalists, for the event held in Amsterdam on Tuesday 7 February 2017, are as follows;

Technology for Collaboration and Conferencing            
Extron    Sharelink        
Kramer Electronics    VIA Campus        
Biamp Systems    Devio        
QSC    Q-SYS Core 110f        
Sennheiser    TeamConnect Wireless        
Shure    Microflex Advance        
Crestron    RL2       
NEC    MultiSync X651UHD-2 IGT 

Technology for Control and Management            
Adder Technology        AdderLink Infinity     
AMX by HARMAN        RoomBook    
Dexon Systems        DIMAX4K     
Riedel Communications         MediorNet Control App    
SoundTube         Dante Speaker System    
Gefen        Syner-G 2.3 Software    
Vision        Freespace2    
Neets        2.25 Amplifier 

Technology for Control Room            
Leyard     TWA Series        
Guntermann & Drunck     CrossDisplay-Switching        
Barco    RGB Laser         
Kramer Electronics    Sierra SMP Multiviewer        
Aten     VK-series        
Wize-AV Mounting Solutions    VW46G2        
eyevis     TRP Rear-Projection Cube        
AJA Video Systems     FS4   

Technology for Digital Signage            
Matrox Graphics     C900        
BrightSign    2016 Player         
Datapath     Fx4        
Intevi Limited    Digital Television        
Vivitek    NovoDS        
Kramer    D-Lable VCO        
AV Stumpfl    Wings Player        
SEADA Technology    G4KPro  

Technology for Digital Signage (Display)        
Elo Touch Solutions    Elo Android Touchscreen Signage    
Samsung Electronics    P-Series     
Panasonic    AF1 Series    
Shenzhen AOTO Electronics    FS2.8LF    
SiliconCore    Lavender 1.2mm     
Leyard    Clarity Matrix MX LCD    
Chief    Fusion    
Edbak    VWPOP85 

Technology for Small Group Presentation (under 20 people)               
Kramer Electronics             Via-Go    
Vivitek            Qumi Q3 Plus    
NEC Display Solutions             MultiSync X981UHD-2 SST     
Panasonic             BF1 Series    
Casio            Advanced Series XJ-F210WN     
Hitachi            LP-WX3500/ LP-WU3500    
Arthur Holm            Undercover    
Samsung            UHF5 Series portable videowall  

Technology for Large Group Presentation (more than 20 people)      
Epson     EB-L1405U    
Sennheiser    SpeechLine     
Dan Dugan Sound Design     Model N    
Digital Projection    INSIGHT LASER 4K    
NEC Display Solutions     PX803UL     
Projecta    FullVision    
Unilumin    Upanel0.9S    
DVIGear    DVI-3580a   

Technology for Leisure            
Optoma        ZU650    
Userful Corporation        Userful v8    
Audac        XMP44    
JBL Professional by HARMAN        JBL CBT 1000    

Technology for Entertainment/Live (Video)        
Christie    Pandoras Box 6.0 & Widget Designer 6.0    
AV Stumpfl    Wings Engine Pro    
Panasonic     PT-RZ31K    
Absen    M2.9    
Leyard    CarbonLight Series    
Dataton        Watchpax 4
Epiphan Video    Pearl-2    
Barco     Event Master EC-200  

Technology for Entertainment/Live (Audio)                
Meyer Sound    Galileo Galaxy            
d&b audiotechnik    NoizCalc            
K-array    Slim Array Technology            
Rational Acoustics    Smaart v8 

Technology for Security and Safety
Barco         WSG-100                
TOA Corporation UK        VX-3000                
Cambridge Sound Management        Qt Active Emitter                
AJA Video Systems        AJA RovoCam  RovoRx-SDI and RovoRx-HDMI                

Technology for Smart Buildings                
Onelan    Reserva Room Signage            
Crestron    PinPoint            
RTI    KX10            
Sommer cable    DVM pushbutton modules           
CUE      touchONE            
VEGA Europe    Tio            

Technology for System Design  
tvONE    ONErack            
Extron Electronics    DTP CrossPoint 4K            
Arthur Holm    DynamicShare            
Sommer cable   DVM-HDT-KIT – HDMI Engineers Toolkit       
Stardraw    Stardraw Design 7.2            
CadAltro     CadAltro            

Technology for Signal Distribution            
Atlona    OmniStream        
AptoVision    BlueRiver NT1000        
Aurora Multimedia    IPX-TCW3        
ATEN     VE802/VE805        
Matrox Graphics    Mura IPX Series        
Riedel Communications    MediorNet MicroN        
WyreStorm    NetworkHD 100/200 Series         
CYP    PUV-1082-4K22       

Due to a larger number of quality technology entrants that ever before, we have had to expand a few categories for the originally proposed lineup, and amend others.

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