Virtual surgery boosts medical training

GoPro cameras and an Oculus Rift headset were recently deployed to enhance surgical training by the MOVEO Foundation. The Foundation, which promotes the use of new technologies in medical teaching, funded the filming of surgery in 3D which can then be viewed via Oculus Rift. Surgeons in training say it provides an unrivalled view of an operation which cannot be gained from being present in the theatre.

Dr Thomas Gregory, founder of the MOVEO Foundation and an orthopaedist surgeon teaching at the Paris Descartes University, filmed a total hip replacement via two cameras that were fixed at his eye level and recorded the procedure with a 180° view.

This footage can now be watched with an Oculus Rift headset in what has been described as “an exceptional training tool”.

MOVEO Foundation is already planning a “live surgery” operation with its spin-off organisation Surgevry in which surgery will be filmed and broadcast to Oculus Rift simultaneously.

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