Crestron acknowledges programming community with service title

Crestron has changed the name of its Crestron Authorised Independent Programmers (CAIPs) to Crestron Service Providers (CSPs) to reflect the range of services - including design and engineering - that they offer.

The control specialist says these partners are also providing DigitalMedia commissioning, commercial lighting commissioning, project management, Fusion RV and Fusion EM deployment, and software development.

The CAIP programme, established more than 10 years ago, now comprises more than 200 firms around the world.

“It is time to adapt to the realities of today’s marketplace, both commercial and residential,” said Robin van Meeuwen, VP of sales and marketing at Crestron International.

“This will be an exciting year of evolution and change for our CSPs. We’re repositioning the programme to more accurately describe the CSP’s true value and contribution to the industry.”

Crestron says it will provide CSPs with resource tools and educational tools to drive growth even further for their firms.

“In the ten years of the programme, our members have matured beyond the simple title of ‘programmer,’” said Jim Felderman, CSP Advisory Board chair.

“CSPs are developing truly creative and value-added solutions for the Crestron platform. The change in the identity of the programme better reflects the identity of the CSPs.”

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