Setting the agenda: Trent Wagner, Symetrix

A move into a new market has seen Symetrix undergo a significant product streamlining process in the last few years, and this has helped the company redefine its focus, Trent Wagner tells Paul Milligan.

Trent Wagner’s career at Symetrix runs parallel to the launch of the SymNet software 14 years ago. Beginning life as a software tester, he then moved onto roles in product documentation and project management.

“You have to study technology trends, to see what the needs of the customer are, and see what technology is available to meet those needs. You have to mediate between what engineering says they can do and trying to turn that into a product that meets the desire of sales and marketing,” he says.

So what influences technical developments at Symetrix? “It’s about finding a better way to do things with the technology you have. You always have things with the technology you have. You always have grand visions and desires but you may not have the technology available at that time to realise them.”

Wagner says part of his job is to keep an eye on industry trends. “We look at other industries, such as telecoms, IT and consumer electronics. Your current component suppliers are a good gauge of what is going on and what will be available in the next two to five years. With Dante and AVB, you can see their roadmaps and where they have come from and you can see (especially with Dante) where the possibilities of where they might go in the future are.”

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