Review of Analog Way Ascender48 Switcher/Scaler

The Ascender48 (ASC4806) is a multi-screen seamless switcher based on Analog Way’s new LiveCore platform featuring soft edge blending and 4K capabilities.

The unit features 12 seamless inputs and 42 input plugs, full live preview of all sources, six true-seamless scaled layers and one native background layer per output. Ascender48 also boasts collaborative architecture, heavy-duty design and a user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface.

Why did you choose this product?

The number of digital inputs the Ascender48 has and the speed you can programme it live made it a good choice for us. For most of the shows we do these days four digital inputs is never going to be enough. The nice thing is it doesn’t matter what you want to do with the inputs and the layers, there’s enough scalers in the unit that you can do anything at any time you need to. The unit is dependable and you know it will do whatever you need it to. We also do a lot of soft edge blending at events which you can do out of the box with this unit. You’ve also got the multi viewer built in which is very useful. Previously, we had to buy third party equipment to be able to use this feature. For us it’s a really good buy. If you needed to put all the individual components together it would cost more than this single unit and it would take half a day to build the system. This way it’s cheaper for the client and it’s a more flexible system for them as well.

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