Review: Barco RLM-W8

The RLM-W8 is an 8,000 lumens, three-chip DLP WUXGA projector and part of Barco’s Elements range. The product has an enhanced contrast, stacking options and built-in warping capabilities for curved surfaces. The projector features blending technology to create seamless composite images across larger canvases.

What do you use it for?
We first took receipt of the RLM-W8 back in August last year and we now have 30 models in our rental fleet. They’re great for use in conference rooms to serve between 300 and 400 people. When an event requires projection on a screen up to eight metres we turn to this model.

The projector is very quiet which gives us the freedom to use it in smaller rooms. It’s useful to be able to get a projector of this power and brightness into more compact spaces.

What do you like about it?
We chose to purchase the RLM-W8 as it was a new model, it was a good price and a good light output compared to others of its price. Although we didn’t immediately use the warp function we have found it very good and considering the unit cost it’s excellent.

The projectors are easy to set up and easy to use. They come in a frame, which makes them robust.

This is the first Barco projector that we have had in ten years and it was this model that made us return to the company.

Simply out of curiosity, we made a comparisson between a different manufacturer’s 10K projector in our fleet and this Barco 8K and I thought the Barco product was brighter. I think it’s because of the colour temperature, which is lighter. It wasn’t a real test but, to the eye, both my staff and a client we were showing felt it was brighter.

What would you change?
The frame is good but not excellent. It is certainly not perfect but I believe they can make it better and I understand that they are working on this now.

We are waiting for upgrades to the software. Currently we are on version 0 and we do expect improvements. But currently edge-blending capability is not implemented in the first version that we have* but that will come – Barco have promised it. Development is currently underway. First they tried to make a firmware upgrade, which was not successful.

In use?
We first used 30 projectors at a conference in Stockholm and we’ve had a lot of demand from medical conferences for these models. In the medical conferences they want HD and they want three-chip because of the colour and quality for x-ray pictures and other medical images. So people in this industry specifically request three-chip and the RLM-W8 allows us to offer them a solution at a lower price for smaller screens.

*Centas was provided with pre production firmware