Profile: Aneeta Gupta, Visionaire

Aneeta Gupta ensured that ethics and equality remained cornerstones of Visionaire as she built the company into one of the leading AV and IT integration firms in the Middle East. Anna Mitchell reports.

Business manager, IT specialist, actor, documentary producer and entrepreneur are just some of the titles that Aneeta Gupta, CEO and president of AV and IT integrator, Visionaire can lay claim to.

The UAE headquartered company that Aneeta Gupta founded with her husband, Aseem Gupta, 18 years ago has grown from strength to strength and now operates throughout South Asia and the Middle East.

“My educational background is in business management and information technology,” explains Aneeta. 

After graduating she worked in the finance department at her father’s packaging plant. “It was a rewarding experience because it allowed me to work on real business scenarios,” she says. “My father instilled strong ethical and hardworking principles of business in me from an early age.

“Then came another opportunity – my introduction to the new world of television,” continues Aneeta. Her television career began as an actor for a series but she soon moved behind the camera, producing documentaries and news capsules. 

“This was my introduction to AV and, because I have a business background, it was natural for me to merge my interests,” she says.

Anneeta sets out the principles behind Visionaire that have seen the integration firm grow quickly while promoting equal opportunities for all staff in an interview in InAVate Active.

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