Beyerdynamic Revoluto Wireless reviewed

AUTHOR: Inavate

The Revoluto Wireless is part of beyerdynamic’s MCW-D 50 conference system. It utilises the company’s patented line-array microphone system and is designed to be quick and simple to set-up without the need for technical staff. The units have a maximum charging time of 3.5 hours and an operating time of up to 30 hours.

What do you use the unit for?
We often implement the MCW-D 50 conference system and Revoluto Wireless micropones in council chambers, particularly local authority council chambers.

The demand for a wireless solution will generally be specified within the tender documentation. From our perspective, we have to look at the client, consider their needs and demands before deciding whether they require a permanent system or something more flexible that they can remove and recharge when it’s not required in the room.

A permanent wired system is not always ideal when a council’s chamber rooms are required for multi-disciplinary purposes.

But it’s not just a demand for wireless that would cause us to specify the Revoluto. We use about three of four different wireless systems and would specify the Revoluto if the end user requests some of the other capabilities of the unit.

These unique capabilities – mainly the microphone array and the lack of gooseneck – mean that end users are aware of the unit and actually request it. Sometimes we work on projects where the Revoluto Wireless is already specified within the documentation.

What do you like about it?
The Revoluto Wireless has a discreet footprint and there’s no gooseneck microphone so it’s unique in that respect.

And, the line-array properties of the microphone unit – the Revoluto Wireless contains a number of recording capsules and incorporates digital signal processing – gives it a wide pick-up pattern. Beyerdynamic call this a corridor characteristic and it means that the speaker can be standing or seated and can turn their head left or right whilst talking. There is no intelligible difference.

We also enjoy very good support and a good relationship with Polar Audio, beyerdynamic’s UK distributor. In a recent project when the Revoluto Wireless was specified it was as a result of an initial demonstration of the unit by Polar Audio.

What would you change?
We’d really like the unit to have a couple of additional features. We’d like an RFID card reader and integrated voting is a must.

I’ve already been speaking with Polar Audio about this and I believe that it is in beyerdynamic’s roadmap for release next year.

We’ve actually got a customer that is currently looking for a wireless system. We’ve shown them the Revoluto Wireless but they do want voting and they do want an RFID card slot on the unit. The wired Revoluto does have these features but they need a wireless system. What they have now decided to do is to defer the project. They’re actually waiting until the Revoluto Wireless has got the extra features and they’ll look to upgrade their system once an updated product is launched.

In Use?
We’ve recently deployed about 45 units to a council in the north of England. The council uses them as a flexible solution throughout the council chambers and committee rooms.