Video conferencing creates climate for collaboration

Centrotec Sustainable AG (Centrotec) is recognised throughout the world for its leadership in the climatisation of buildings. The company’s energy-efficient technologies can be found in the climate control, heating and ventilation systems of residential and commercial buildings everywhere. The company has adopted a video conferencing solution from Vidyo to improve internal collaboration and communications.

In recent years, Centrotec found that managing a growing product portfolio and expanding its reach into new regions had become increasingly time consuming and costly. With employees on the road, communications across subsidiaries and geographies had become difficult to manage. To sustain profitable business growth, improve process workflow and raise employee productivity, Centrotec wanted to encourage closer collaboration amongst colleagues. To achieve this they turned to video conferencing and after evaluating several products, chose Vidyo as their solution.

According to Centrotec CEO Dr. Gert-Jan Huisman, “Vidyo brought us a new and different way of collaborating. For us it was not just about reducing the time and cost of travel, it was also about speeding up development and production processes across all our subsidiaries.”

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