Spanish Senate implements signage

The Spanish Senate has employed a signage solution based on the HMP100 Hyper Media Player by SpinetiX. The solution, deployed alongside Technilogica’s ‘Poster Digital’ content creation platform, broadcasts daily and weekly meeting schedules across 25 flat-panel displays.

Tecnilogica, which is based in Madrid, designed a graphic display template for the system in compliance with the Senate’s style guidelines, while the user interface was commissioned to Jesus Gorriti, a Spanish UX designer.

Eduardo Noeda, software architect of the project, explained: “The Senate was looking for a digital signage solution that would integrate easily with its existing IT and AV infrastructure, which was reliable and scalable, which would be easy to install and use, and which would offer value for money. The HMP100 was perfect because it uses an open architecture and could easily communicate with the Poster Digital system.

“The web-based implementation of Poster Digital and the Hyper Media Players means that the whole system can be maintained by the in-house IT helpdesk, which devotes on average less than an hour per day to the task. This is despite the fact that the screens can display a wide range of information such as seating arrangements, speaker agendas and voting data, and that they have a two-way interface with the Senate’s broadcast AV and other legacy networks.”

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