Shoppers look up to Lighthouse

Lighthouse Technologies has installed a 10mm LED screen at a shopping and entertainment venue in Tsim Sha Tsui. The iSQUARE chose Lighthouse’s P10-FA 10mm Front Access SMD panels.

ISQUARE claims the installation has had a dramatic impact on its advertising.

Located at the historic 63 Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, iSQUARE was built to be Hong Kong’s premier shopping destination, providing a unique shopping and entertainment experience. iSQUARE chose Lighthouse’s P10-FA 10mm Front Access SMD panels for their high brightness and contrast ratios ensuring the screen would be clearly visible in the mall’s high ambient light environment.

Comprising 30 panels in a 6 x 5 configuration, the 3.84m (w) x 2.4m (h) screen is situated in between iSQUARE’s 3rd and 4th floor concourse, a high traffic area where thousands of shoppers pass through every day. Its wide 140-degree viewing angles allow shoppers to view advertisements and promotional messages, and other important messages from anywhere in the concourse. Because the screen is mounted directly to the wall, the P10-FA’s front access feature was a necessity for this installation, as it ensures quicker, more convenient maintenance.

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