OpernTurm takes TOA up several levels.

OpernTurn in Frankfurt, Germany is one of the first buildings in Europe to be certified according to gold rated LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. It has been designed to consume 23% less energy than the guidelines stipulated by EnEV 2007, Germany’s latest set of energy saving regulations.

The building contains 42 floors of offices in the main tower, seven in the low-rise section, plus a conference centre, a casino and other leisure facilities. In total this amounts to over 60,000 square metres of rental office space.

TOA products have been installed throughout the building in what is one of the company’s largest ever installations.

The fire alarm and voice evacuation installation project was run by SPIE, who supplied a backbone for the project. He subcontracted local firm Hellwig Tonanlagen to design and install the audio elements of the system, including TOA SX-2000 and VM-3000 audio management systems as hubs for the systems.

Torsten Hellwig, manager director of Hellwig Tonanlagen said: “In total there are 13 racks of equipment including 78 VM-3000 public address and voice alarm units, 6 SX-2000 audio management systems acting as master controllers and over 3,000 TOA loudspeakers.

TOA Germany supported the project throughout with technical assistance and design consultancy. Wolfgang Pein, sales manager, Germany at TOA Europe commented: “You don’t just buy boxes from us, this is particularly important now as the worlds of fire detection, PA/VA and security become more deeply integrated.

The project began in 2007, and the tower opened late on in 2009.

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