Medialon controls Norwegian museum

A Medialon Manager show and media control system has been integrated in the Petter Dass Museum, located in Sandnessjøen in Northern Norway. The museum was designed by well-known architect, Snøhetta and tells the story of the 17th century Norwegian clergyman and poet, Petter Dass.

One Medialon Manager PRO license, integrated by Multitekst Ltd and YIT Systemteknikk, controls the entire auditorium and the exhibition sections of the museum.

A Rugboard (touch panel) is the main user interface for the installation, and runs Medialon Panel software. It allows the museum’s tour guide, by a simple touch, to control windows, blinds and curtains, screen and building lighting as well as show applications running in the auditorium and the exhibition sections of the museum.

In the auditorium, one Medialon Display Player (MDP) runs a 20-minute introduction movie. Thanks to the Rugboard and Medialon Panel software, the operator can select to run the Norwegian or English movie.

Medialon Manager also controls all AV equipment, including a DVD player, amplifier, AV source selector, projector, lighting, as well as a projection screen.

“The museum wanted to be able to replace the movie in the auditorium at any time. They also wanted the curtains in the auditorium to open a few seconds before the movie ends”, said Vidar F. Eggen, Medialon’s Programmer from Multitekst Ltd.

“With no time code or duration reference available from the Display Player, I loaded the same movie into Medialon Manager, and started it simultaneously with Display Player. In Medialon Manager, I can measure duration and playback position, thereby being able to send commands to the curtains five seconds prior to the movie ending, no matter how long the movie is”, he added.

In the exhibition section, visitors can deeply discover Petter Dass, the culture of the period he lived in and the nature of the region. A Medialon Manager Pro and an IP Cue system handle 13 Panasonic 42” plasma screens as well as 7 Medialon Display Players (MDP) PCs running individual video loops.

Once an hour, or on demand via the Rugboard, they all show a synchronised two minute Intermezzo program with music, pictures and sounds from the surrounding nature, forming a 40-meter long screen of multi source video and audio that spans the entire exhibition area. There is one Intermezzo for spring, summer, autumn and winter which alternates.

Medialon Manager also controls the building’s lighting system in the auditorium and the following AV equipment:
- 1x 4480 TCP/IP-IR transmitter to control JVC receiver, JVC DVD player.
- 1x IPCue IP transmitter to control 13x Panasonic 42” plasma screens.
- 1x MOXA DE-5410
- 1x RS232 > RS485 converter to control Dynalite DALI light controller
- 1x Extron TP150 Audio/Video source selector and cat5 scaler/extender

The exhibition was designed by Danish company Kvorning Design and Kommunikation working closely with Ivar Roger Hansen, the managing director of the museum. YIT Building Systems AV Systemteknikk was commissioned by Kvorning Design and K.F. Petter Dass, to supply the AV-equipment and the Medialon system.

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