Kellogg Company ramps up corporate signage

Kellogg Company has ramped up its corporate communications programme, increasing the number of BrightSign solid-state HD210 media players from 20 to 63. The food giant needed to update its corporate communications system from a system based on Windows PCs and PowerPoint presentations.

In a bid to implement timely, uniform corporate communications throughout its enterprise, Kellogg's asked Intaglio AV to plan and deploy a network-enabled digital signage solution that would deliver full HD corporate-wide communications as well as stock prices, local weather, or even site-specific information such as recognition of an employee's birthday. The solution could not be based on Windows and had to be easy to use and require minimal management.

For the pilot program, 20 BrightSign HD210 solid-state controllers were installed at Kellogg offices in employee break rooms, as well as lobbies and other public areas. Kellogg found that the initial digital signage solution met all of their requirements and ordered an additional 43 network-enabled HD210 units that will ultimately connect more than 50 distribution centers located throughout the US.

Peter Larson, founder and CCO of Intaglio AV, discovered that the BrightSign digital signage controllers not only met all of his client's needs, they exceeded his own personal expectations for ease of integration and implementation.

The BrightSign players eliminate the need for a PC and therefore require less power than the old PowerPoint system. Furthermore, they are small enough to be discreetly mounted directly to the back of flat-panel LCD displays.

To simplify content management, Kellogg's corporate communications system currently streams informational HD video feeds such as news, weather, sports, trivia, traffic and entertainment provided by SignChannel mixed with company specific information.

Combined, the media player and RSS feeds provide Kellogg with a virtually self-managed, networked solution without sacrificing options to create and customize their down content in the future.

Kellogg plans to expand its usage of the BrightSign media players for continuous operation and has added them to the Kellogg network for future applications, such as sending corporate messages throughout the enterprise. The company is also testing an implementation that includes an interactive touchscreen paired with a BrightSign HD1010.

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