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With locations including the Canary Islands and Bali InAVate explores application stories with a distinct holiday flavour. Live events are joined by conference systems, digital signage networks and some high end visualisation projects.

The series kicks off with a Coolux application in Belgium. The popular Belgian children’s television shows; Piet Piraat and Mega Mindy, were recently turned into two stage productions involving 3D projection technology.

Studio 100, a Belgian TV production company, created a show where the main characters, Mega Mindy and Pirate Piet, were played by actors who interacted with a combination of traditional set pieces and 3D projections live on stage.

Coolux’s Pandoras Box Version 5 Broadcast Servers were used for the production.

The coolux Widget Designer was also a central component for creating interaction between the audience and the animation on display. The combination of the coolux Broadcast server and the Widget Designer software made it possible to apply movement effects to the available 3D objects as the show progressed.

Jan Huewel, CEO of coolux, said: "It’s absolutely wonderful to see how dedicated Studio100 is when it comes to using innovative technologies for their extremely successful programmes. It is of course only natural for us at coolux to believe in the reliability of our own products, but when customers with such a great track record like Studio 100 trust us enough to integrate the new Broadcast Server into their workflow, it means a great deal to us."

The projectors and screens were handled by XI Video and coolux equipment was supplied by the company’s Belgian distributor, AVL Belgium. The project used two Pandoras Box Broadcast STD Server Systems, a Pandoras Box Workstation, Pandoras Box Manager PRO and coolux Widget Designer PRO.

Barco R20HD and R12 projectors were also used.

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