Fitness vendor ramps up sales with signage

A body and fitness retail operator has turned to Advantech for its HIT-W151 infotainment terminal in a bid to boost retail sales. The company ran a pilot programme in two of its outlets within Hola home furniture stores in Taiwan.

The company wanted to move from traditional poster-based methods to a technology-based solution that provided answers to interactive queries, helped sales clerks, and helped influence buying decisions. Furthermore the display system had to be easy to use and maintain, informative, able to track customer usage, and fit into the upscale environment. The system needed to display multimedia product information on demand, assist clerks, and answer questions from potential buyers. The retailer decided to pilot a program from two of its outlets operating in Hola, a Taiwanese home furniture store.

Advantech's Intelligent Service (AiS) team assessed the business requirements and selected the HIT-W151, a 15.6" Infotainment Terminal. HIT-W151 is an Intel® Atom based touchscreen device, with a flat panel display. It is lightweight and quiet, and can be stand or wall mounted. By adding a webcam, the retailer can record customer usage, a metric that helps them measure sales success. The systems were installed in two outlets and displayed product information from customer queries, as well as helping clerks educate and influence potential buyers. Customer surveys reported that 85% of those using the system liked it. The retailer also claimed a 12% increase in sales.

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