DigiMagic stages Fonterra shows in Asia

Fonterra, a New Zealand dairy company, recently embarked on an eight-week series of nine events across Asia for its employees and partners. The company used Dataton Watchout presentation and control software to manage an interactive presentation in various languages.

Singapore based, DigiMagic conceived, produced and executed the production in nine different cities.

Donald Lim at DigiMagic said: “We selected Dataton Watchout for show control and interactive presentations in a number of projected areas for the Fonterra plenary sessions. This included edge blending and scheduling panoramic video content for an 18 by 4 metre panoramic screen display situated above the stage and a neighbouring 3 by 6 metre on-stage holographic screen. Eight 2.5 metre internally projected inflatable spheres were also used to display animated presentation material and were positioned at the edge of the main stage. Other ambient lighting and background effects for the event were also managed and controlled using Watchout to create a dramatic presentation.”

Fonterra required show and graphic elements to be fully localised and in the local language whilst retaining all animation and visual effects. Some custom tailored content was also used. Load in and out was done within a week for all events and all English speakers were subtitled in the local language. The various local languages included Chinese, Thai, Vientamese, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Arabic and Indonesian.

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