Award-winning shopping experience at Alegro Setúbal, Portugal

 Interactive directory in foreground at Alegro Setubal shopping centre in Portuga

Interactive and digital signage specialist Edgima saw off rivals to win the Most InAVative Retail Installation at the 2016 InAVation Awards. InAVate explores details from its winning entry.

Interactive wayfinding and digital signage systems were central to the design of the recently completed Alegro Setúbal Shopping Centre situated to the south of Lisbon. Specialist touchscreen and digital signage integrator Edigma was drafted to work with architects and designers and deliver a system that contributed to a user experience based on comfort, well-being and entertainment.

The brief for the signage systems stipulated that they had to enhance brand image, entertain, inform and educate shoppers, deliver action on promotional offers, as well as improve content management efficiencies.

Furthermore all devices had to be able to be remotely controlled and managed on a single piece of software so that the Alegro Setúbal management team to easily monitor the hardware, schedule content and switch between different sources.

Paramount to the success of the project was the final request: the systems had to be able to withstand constant use and interactivity.

The shopping centre is owned by Auchan Group/Immochan, spans 44,000 square metres and contains 114 stores. It is located near the main Setúbal city entrance and sparked urban and landscape redevelopment of the surrounding area. The public transport network was adapted to efficiently serve the centre and bicycle paths were implemented.

Edigma points out that shopping centres have had to become more than retail spaces and are gradually assuming the role of service centres, collection points, showrooms and places for people to meet and gather.

The marketing department from Immochan Portugal added in a written statement: “In today’s digital age consumers have more flexibility in how they make their purchases than ever before and this new reality means that physical shopping spaces and stores have to adapt to enhance the overall shopping experience.”

The wide-ranging signage installation had a focus on restaurant, leisure and entertainment areas. At its heart is Edigma Studio, a propriety software solution that acts as Content Management System (CMS) and Equipment Management System (EMS).

“Edigma Studio software allows our marketing team to easily update and manage content on all implemented solutions, schedule events and program marketing campaigns.”

“Edigma Studio software allows for our marketing team to easily update and manage contents on all implemented solutions, schedule events and program marketing campaigns,” added Immochan Portugal.

Six interactive directories - integrating wayfinding and advertising - are located throughout the centre. These units allow the store owners to communicate specific information at specifically selected times.

Edigma argues that this allows retailers to showcase new products, deploy timely marketing campaigns and promote brand awareness.

Cameras and facial recognition software allow shoppers to activate the directories with a smile. And when the directories are not being used they display advertising or other scheduled content.

work station with touch screen in Alegro Setubal shopping centre in portugalThe units were implemented with 3D wayfinding, store information, an event calendar, promotional information, film schedules, general information, job search and application facilities, and advertising content.

Each directory integrates a Logitech C920 camera, D-Link 5 port switch, Fujitsu PC and LG 47-in LCD. Touch interaction is powered by Displax Skin multitouch film.

In the food court, Edigma deployed interactive tables. Multitouch displays integrated into the tables are isolated and waterproof. Shoppers can use the tables to play games, read the news, browse the web or access information.

The multitouch tables use a similar technical set up to the interactive directory with 42-in LG displays.

Edigma didn’t want to just focus on the high profile, “premium” areas of the shopping centre. In an effort to bring often forgotten areas to life Edigma installed two interactive video walls in corridors leading to the toilets. The “deconstructed” videowalls combine six 47-in LG LCD screens each and are equipped with Logitech C920 camera vision technology. The information on the screens reacts to the presence of passers-by.

It’s not all about shopping and leisure at the Alegro Setúbal shopping centre. Edigma was also involved in the construction of workstations that integrate 47-in multitouch displays into table surfaces. The workstations are fully interactive with Wi-Fi connectivity and include power outlets so shoppers can use and charge their own devices.

For those that do come to play, Edigma implemented digital systems in the playground area. The touch gaming experience was designed for children and even includes a custom digital game that Edigma developed based on the Alegro brand. It is accessed via a 22-in LCD panel and uses a Giada ultra-mini PC.

For signage in the lifts, Edigma worked with manufacturer Schindler. Two LED screens, measuring 1.6 x 2.2 metres, were installed on the exterior of each glass elevator to display messages submitted by shoppers.

The interaction between the shoppers and the lifts was done through a 47-in multitouch screen equipped with a Logitech camera and installed in a nearby square. Shoppers can capture and submit photos and videos or post text messages that are then displayed on the LED screens.

Edigma is now responsible for maintenance and monitoring, and can access the systems remotely to ensure a good service.


D-Link 5 Port Switch
Displax Skin multitouch film
Fujitsu Industrial PCs
Giada Ultra-MiniPC
LG 47-in and 42-in LCDs
Logitech C920 webcams
Nexcom Mini PCs