Calibre launches Premium Channel Partner Program

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Under a new Calibre Premium Channel Partner Program, Calibre UK will incentivise companies selling commercial Calibre LED and image display products.

“It takes more than just a product to be the supplier of choice,” said Paul Wilson, account manager EMEA at Calibre UK. “We’ve introduced a new Calibre Premium Channel Partner Program to enable our business partners to deliver products to integrators and specialists across a broad spectrum of applications, markets, and geographies.”
“Based on vertical markets, other revenue and business models, the Calibre Premium Channel Partner Program will reward partners with several benefits to help partners win business and make money,” added Wilson.
Benefits include online training opportunities, increased knowledge transfer, a web portal for web-based product support, promotions such as e-shots and newsletters, strategic consulting, sales and marketing support, and competitive product discounts, leasing and financing options.
Several companies have already joined the Calibre Premium Partner Program:

 “Working with Calibre and their new partner program has enabled us to provide French-speaking customers based in France with immediate product and support for their video needs. Our partnership with Calibre demonstrates how a reseller and vendor can work together to deliver excellent results.” - Frédéric Collino, Distrimedia, France
“The Calibre Premium Partner Program is hugely advantageous for our entire integrator community and it allows us to do what we are good at such as supporting small to large projects looking to capitalise on Calibre LED and video processing technology.” - Nuno Oliveira, Formato AV, Portugal