“World’s first” projection-mapped display unit launched

DisplayMapper, a division of British company Projection Artworks, has launched a 3D projection mapped display unit for the retail market. MirrorBox is a self-contained system that enables 3D projection mapping to be beamed onto physical products in a daylight-visible environment. Content is delivered via cloud-based software, controlled and updated from a central network. The simple and low-cost product could herald an era where projection mapping is a common sight in stores.

“For system integrators this is a hugely cost effective and easily deployable way of installing and controlling projection mapping systems in store,” explained Tom Burch, MD of DisplayMapper and Projection Artworks.
“It's designed for daylight-visible mapping installation and offers full 3D mapping support in a similar way to Data Driven Documents (D3) – only the hardware features SMS hardware reboot from anywhere in the world in event of a windows crash and also handles projector on/off scheduling.
“Content is created by the same agencies that typically produce the content via equivalent of a CMS system - DisplayMapper then turns this content into 3D video mapping experience in store, across hundreds of locations simultaneously.”

The Point-of-Sale display unit uses mirrors so that a complete projection can be mapped onto products with just one projector, whilst a HD display situated behind the product creates many patterns when combined with the mirrored effect within the box.

“There’s nothing you would normally associate with a projector install – no keyboard, no monitors, no cable runs,” Burch continued.
“It’s all self-contained, controlled by an app and very easy to use.”

Custom MirrorBox units can be created by third parties and fitted with DisplayMapper’s technology and content distribution system. Burch said that the product was aimed at installation of 50 stores or more to benefit from many of the features and economies of scale.