‘Film’ transforms screens into speakers

AUTHOR: Inavate

The developer of a sound producing flat film, that turns displays into speakers and has the potential to revolutionise the digital signage market, has received ringing endorsement at DEMOfall09. Emo Labs used the DEMO event in Palm Desert, California to unveil its invisible speaker system to the public and picked up a DEMOgod award in the process. Click the link to learn more about the Emo Lab product and watch a video from DemoFall 2009.

In addition to winning one of the seven DEMOgod awards for the invisible speaker systems, Emo Labs was named the DEMO People’s Choice and received an IDG media prize worth $1 million (€0.7million).

The Demo Conference provides a launch pad for companies to unveil new technologies. Each participating company gets six minutes on stage to demonstrate their technology without Powerpoint or "flashy corporate presentations". Application is free but if your company is chosen your six minutes doesn’t come cheap with a price tag of $18,500. Yes, that’s more than $3,000 a minute or around $50 for a second.

However, the backstage Demonstrator Pavilion is probably where most of the juicy action takes place and definitely justifies the cost. It provides the opportunity for hands on demonstrations and valuable networking. It really is a democratic approach with every company provided the same visibility on the floor and no large imposing corporate stands.

"We thought the DEMO Conference would be an ideal place to introduce our invisible speaker systems to the world," said Jason Carlson, CEO of Emo Labs. "But we also knew it would be a challenge to demonstrate our product to such a large audience all at once because it has the greatest impact when you experience it in person. Knowing how hard it would be, it’s really gratifying to be selected as one of the top presenters and it’s a tremendous honour to be awarded the DEMO People’s Choice prize."

Emo Labs CEO, Jason Carlson shows the company’s technology to Mashable.com

Emo Labs claim its product represents the first fundamentally new loudspeaker technology in decades. The company’s patented Edge Motion audio technology uses an ultra-thin, transparent material that enables speakers to literally disappear into the display. By turning the display into a stereo speaker, the sound and dialogue come directly from the screen, just as they do in a cinema.