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New Barco CEO named as Van Zele announces retirement

Barco has announced that its CEO Eric Van Zele, plans to retire later this year. Jan De Witte, a former corporate officer of the General Electric Company, has become CEO-designate, and will join Barco’s Core Leadership Team in June 2016 to take over as CEO on 1 October 2016.

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Self-powered camera could record forever

A camera that powers itself from light drawn from the image it is capturing could have wide ranging applications in the Internet of Things. A research team led by Shree K. Nayar, T.C. Chang Professor of Computer Science at Columbia Engineering, invented a prototype video camera that can produce an image each second, indefinitely, of a well-lit indoor scene.

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Datavideo shows new KMU-100 processing unit

Valentijn Deimel from Datavideo explains the features of the new KMU-100 processing unit.

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Rise of the drones is good news for AV

There's no shortage of potential pro AV applications of drones. Tim Kridel investigates what integrators need to expand into drone-based AV – and whether they even have a shot at this emerging market.

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