Thomas Riedel on stage at 30 years party

Riedel transforms HQ for 30th birthday party

Riedel Communications celebrated its 30th birthday with 2,000 partners and friends at its Wuppertal, Germany headquarters on December 1, 2017.


augmented reality cocktail menu

Michelin-starred restaurant to launch augmented reality...

In May 2017, the Michelin-starred London restaurant and bar, City Social, is set to launch Mirage, the world’s first augmented reality cocktail menu. 18 months in the making, Mirage uses a purpose-built app, created by Mustard Designs. Upon selecting one of the 12 new drinks, guests will be presented with a cocktail that initially appears like any other. However, once the app is pointed in the direction of the drink, the augmented reality technology comes into play, transforming the guest’s perception of the cocktail.

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Giant iTab on display at ISE 2018

Mark Jones runs through the key features and benefits of the Giant iTab helping corporations amplify their mobile story to large groups.

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