Woman being captured for Facebook VR avatar

Facebook: Lifelike real-time animated avatars improve VR...

A team from Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) has developed an approach to create lifelike avatars that are animated in real-time to improve social connections within VR environments.



Microsoft mixed reality research project explores 'portable...

Microsoft has published details of its Mt. Rogers research project which uses VR headsets as 'head-worn productivity displays' to provide a portable and infinite screen space for users. Once the user puts on the headset they can surround themselves with as many virtual monitors as they wish, in a portable and private matter.

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IHSE’s ‘game changing’ solution to extend your VR & AR

Manuel Greisinger explains the benefits of IHSE’s latest industry solution, allowing the user to connect multiple VR headsets to one central high end work station, up to 80km away.

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