Living Room Café by e-plus showcases Martin Audio

AUTHOR: Inavate

The Living Room Café by e-plus is a Ney York style venue in Shibuya, Tokyo for music, art, culture and live events. It has chosen a range of Martin Audio solutions to handle sound.

Divided into seven zones, the music is played out through a combination of Martin Audio DD12, DD6 and XD12 loudspeakers. The main zone is the live space, with the others being designated main bar, terrace room, terrace, private rooms, living space, patio and dining zone.

Martin Audio’s flagship DD12 and PSX sub-bass can be found in the main zone and these have been adapted for the first time as a main system in the installation sector. Additional XD12s and DD6s provide valuable support providing coverage throughout all the other areas.

Special care was taken when selecting the solutions to ensure that the live audio requirements of the space were met.